Delay the Disease Parkinson’s Management Program

seniors exercising

The Davis YMCA is excited to add Delay the Disease Parkinson’s Management Program, the number one exercise program for fighting this disease, to our Chronic Disease Management offerings. The program runs through OhioHealth and is dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s disease manage their symptoms and maintain a quality of life through participating in a 12 week fitness program that promotes daily exercise. The program, which is starting in June, is free to members and $100 for non-members. Congratulations to our newly certified instructors, Meri Fetkovich, Kathy Hevener, and Loretta Pflug!

The empowering results of our Delay the Disease exercise program can help participants:

  • Move about with ease and confidence in a crowd
  • Get out of bed or rise from a chair independently
  • Improve handwriting
  • Dress independently
  • Diminish worry that stiffness, slow steps, and other symptoms are obvious
  • Regain a sense of moving with normality

Help spread the word about this new program! For more information, contact Meri Fetkovich at or 330-742-4788.