Water Safety Month

Water Safety Month

Water Safety Tips

Week 4

Week 3

The world is 100 percent water

If you have a pool at home, or you are considering getting a pool installed, please take this FREE Water Safety course for Parents and Caregivers. Then, check out these safety tips for residential pools and portable pools

Study the steps below outlined by the American Red Cross. A person has the greatest chance of survival from drowning if the following are followed:

Chain of Drowning Survival


Week 2

Check out this video from the National Drowning Prevention Alliance for 5 Water Safety Tips.

Then, listen to this water safety message from Davis Family YMCA Aquatics Director, Ed Metzinger, for more important information!

Week 1

May is Water Safety Month!

Now more than ever, we are committed to raising awareness for water safety and drowning prevention. As we head into the summer season, it is critical that safety around water remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Even if it might seem too cold to go swimming right now, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t at risk for drowning. The majority of drowning deaths occur when people accidentally fall into a body of water. Therefore, one of your best chances of survival in any water emergency is to have a buddy with you anytime you are near the water, regardless of your swimming ability. This time of year, many people go fishing or kayaking while fully dressed, including wearing shoes, yet most people have never tried to swim while fully clothed. If you are planning to go out in a boat, go with a buddy and ALWAYS wear a Coast Guard approved PFD (Personal Floatation Device…aka lifejacket).

Click here for more boating safety tips

Click here to watch Chris Hughes, Senior Aquatic Director at the Y, demonstrate safe boating tips! 

Stay tuned for more water safety tips throughout this month to help keep you and your family and friends safe around water this summer!