Welcome to the YMCA of Youngstown


Welcoming is the key to our mission, because first impressions set foundations.   

Welcome to the first month of the year! January is a blank canvas, a new leaf, a fresh start. And yet, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is a common saying.

When you meet someone new, you expect a firm handshake and confident eye contact as they introduce themselves. When someone walks into the Y, we want them to expect to feel welcomed. Even with the uniqueness of each branch, greetings from the front desk, holiday decorations, and coffee brewing in the morning are hallmarks of every Y lobby.

Our programs and classes are incredible opportunities for people to transform their minds, bodies, and spirits.  But that first welcome remains the key step to connecting our members to all we have to offer. This month look at your Y with fresh “first impression” eyes to see where we can step up our game as The Most Welcoming Place on Earth.